Supta Virasana or Sleeping Hero Pose

Supta Virasana or Sleeping Hero Pose

After feeling a slow start to Spring, I have decided to work through some more restorative and recuperative poses for the next few weeks.

These poses are very relaxing but also SUPER important and the real beauty of it all, is that you can stay a bit longer in them if the mood takes you!


Here is #RecliningHeroPose or #suptavirasana

🙌🏽 I always say this pose is literally medical aid for your lower body joints!

👉🏽 It quite literally compresses into the knees, ankles and feet and cuts circulation there so that when we release we get a flooding of freshly oxygenated blood to these joints.
👉🏽 It flushes out scar tissue and restores joints from the inside out.
💡 The goal here is to compress the joints.
Not to get all the way to the mat IF you are not ready.

✏ Start by kneeling and bringing your knees to touch and separate your feet on either side of the mat. Feet facing backwards.

✏ Try to set your butt down on the floor.
If you cannot, and there is too much pressure going on in the knees, separate your knees slightly and place your hands on either side of you so that you can “take” a bit of your weight off.
🙏 Do what you can.
✏ If you butt IS on the mat, to progress, lean back on your elbows as if you are laying on a beach, placing your hands on the soles of your feet, fingers now facing forwards.
❔ Has your butt lifted?
No worries if it has, just go back up to where it was and stay THERE.
✏ If it is still down, feel free to lean all the way back so that you are laying back and lift your arms up over your head, grabbing opposite elbows.
✏ LIFT up through your chest and gaze down the centre line of your body, chin slightly in.
You should feel a natural human bridge here… from your shoulders to your hips.

Stay here for 60 seconds and release.

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