Urdhva Danurasana or Wheel Pose

Urdhva Danurasana or Wheel Pose

Today’s pose and#TuesdayTip is #urdhvadanurasana or #wheelpose

Is there anyone out there with an indifferent feeling towards Urdhva Danurasana?? 😂
People tend to either LOVE it or HATE it 🤷🏽‍♀️

Personally. I’m a lover. 😉😊
But I’m also aware of my feelings. It’s easier to handle “loving” something? Right?
But associating too many emotions (I love this one”… “This is my worst pose” … etc etc etc …
These bring too much of our own “ownership” into a pose .
We must strive to become the observer. 🙏

Ok. Pose!!! Here we go. .

👉🏼 Setting yourself up here is important.

 Bend knees and place feet on the floor hip width apart… reach your hands down… see if you can touch your heels. Keep feet planted straight. They generally want to “splay” out.

 Now bend elbows and place your hands next to your ears. Be sure to pull elbows in NOW. This common mistake allows arms to widen and lose the plot a lot of the time 🙈

 Lift hips up… and press a bit back… to allow you the space to know press into your hands and WITH ELBOWS IN press yourself up (note: if this is happening.. then your shoulders are hopefully now over your hands 🙆‍♀️)

 Once you are up. First!! Please BREATHE. 🌬

Feel your chest expand and keep holding that intention… to project through your thoracic chest upwards… and not allow yourself to dump into your lower back

It’s important to note here… you need to be a balanced bridge. Right?
Not a Nike “swoosh” 😏
Try to swing to the middle with equal intention and engagement in arms and legs 


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