Are we back on the Savasana Game?

Are we back on the Savasana Game?

I’m back on the SAVASANA game 😆😊🙆🙆

See how important this pose is?🙇
See how hard this pose is?🙈

Another discussion that I have A LOT in my classes…
is that I request that all students allow their LOWER BACK to release and connect with the mat.
Which is met with a lot of ….
“Thats hard!”😤
“Thats not relaxing!”😩

To answer this (again and again😉😆)… No. It is not relaxing.😉 Yes, it does require work.😉
If you have a natural curve in your spine, you will find this to be very unnatural for you.
But for this VERY REASON you need this more than anyone.

The action that is occuring here, is the pelvic floor rotation, and an activation in the core.
Its not a natural action for a person who has spent so long with the in the OPPOSITE direction.

So yes, to find the action, to find the lower back on the mat… this is work.
But I can promise you ONCE you have figured this movement out, you literally can feel your spine release and exhale onto the mat.😌

Not only this, this pelvic rotation is going to help you in so many other poses.
I am finding more and more that the block for students progressing further into poses and body understanding IS the understanding of this pelvic rotation.

So many people complain of lower back pain.
The question is…. when do you EVER relax and let your lower back go?
I’m even guessing you might not be letting it go in Savasana.
Try this tilt. See if it brings release and relief in the lower back 🙇


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