Everyone is here for the Savasana!

Everyone is here for the Savasana!

Today I am going to talk about a pose that for me is one of the hardest in all of yoga.😥😤
Its a pose that my students all laugh and tell me is “their favourite” and how its the reason they come….😉😊
But as they chat and talk and fidget and fiddle… I tell them… its not so easy… you are doing it wrong😆😆


How easy is it for you to switch off your mind and stop the chatter?
Perhaps I can manage to slow it down practising asana or poses during class because I am focused on breathing, balancing, twisting or whatever it is that I am doing in that moment.
But Savasana?
As soon as I hit that mat… my mind goes… ooooooooooookey -dooooooooookey… (rubs hands in glee….)
💙 What have we got planned for the rest of the day then?
💙 What the heck happened in that last chapter we were reading this morning?
💙 Whats going to happen next… should we look ahead to be sure? 📚📚
💙 Did I pack my flipflops to wear after class or am I stuck in my fluffy boots again? 😜🙈

Its a constant battle to empty the mind.
The mind that wants to distract us… to keep us looking anywhere but inwards.

My best advice?
Do a full body scan… start at the toes and move all the way up through the ankles, knees, thighs….
Soften…. and LET GO
Once you have found yourself all the way at the top… focus on your third eye (the space between your eyebrows) and breathe in and out, filling your lungs… breathing all the way up to your collar bone (your lungs go all the way up there 🔝)
…..and make sure your breathing is BELLY BREATHING…. relaxation breath is soft and the belly should rise and fall.

The quickest way to get into the present moment?
 Focus on your breath.
Dont beat yourself up if you find yourself thinking about your shopping list for later… just direct your mind back to breathing in and out and softening and letting go.

Namaste 🙇


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