Tuesday Tip – Eagle Pose / Garurasana

Tuesday Tip – Eagle Pose / Garurasana

I had student a long long time ago, that constantly put herself down.
This is not a judgment of her. 🙇
We have ALL called ourselves names whilst standing on a mat (and/or many other places😉)

I remember so clearly one day chatting to her because she was frustrated that she couldn’t wrap her foot around her ankle in Garurasana Pose (Eagle Pose)
(and just to note here, the foot wrapping around the ankle is just an ADDED twist in an already twisty pose!)


It was during this conversation that she mentioned in passing that she had played squash for her country.
Represented her country.
But couldn’t see that her athleticism had contributed to her calves perhaps being more defined than others… and hence the difficulty in the extra twist?

Stop comparing yourself.
Stop judging yourself.
Stop finding yourself lacking.

There are reasons why we are as awesome as we are. (yes, I said AWESOME)

Be ok with your reasons.
Be proud of your world.
And if you seriously are not proud of your world.
You are not a tree.🌲🌲🌲

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