The TRUE Meaning of Yoga

The TRUE Meaning of Yoga

I got a new student at the beginning of the year and she swiftly became a bit of a “teacher’s pet” to me 😊😍
She was a bit older than the average age but with a spirit that seemed so much younger than most of us, and an attitude of, if not, “can do”, then “let me modify to suit me”
Love, love, LOVE that kind of student!! 🙆 🙆 🙆
So, over the course of the year I have grown closer to this person and about a month ago, she shared with me her fear at joining our morning yoga class.
She said she had been at another yoga class where the teacher had routinely ridiculed, critisized and humiliated her students. And then would throw out a bone every now and again with a compliment. We were joking and saying that she had created a kind of “Stockholm Syndrome” kind of abusive relationship where the students cowered and craved her approval.
But its not actually funny.
Sometimes yoga teachers get this so unbelievably wrong.
Being a yoga teacher does not mean that we get to break someone down.
We are the facilitator OF the yoga.
The YOGA will reveal the growth, the strengths, the weaknesses.
We are not the magicians.
We are there to keep the space safe.

How many times do we have to say “its not about the poses, its about what happens to us when we in the poses” ????
So, yes.
We must teach the poses.
But remember they are the means to the yoga.

Physically pushing someone into a pose where they are not ready to go is not making anyone a better yogi.
Neither is constantly pointing out the fault fault fault in a person.

Yoga is revealing and it is forgiving. It is challenging and it is uplifting.
Yoga is who I want to be

Namaste xx 🙇


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