Our Gifts To Our Children

Our Gifts To Our Children

September 17, 2016

My mum is absolutely terrified of thunderstorms.💧
Thunder? Lightening? Terror struck.
But I didn’t know this as a kid growing up.
Instead, when there was a thunderstorm she would tell my brother and me that it was our “friends” talking to us…
The result?
I frigging LOVE thunderstorms. The noise, the electricity, the jagged forks illuminating a wild landscape…💛💛💛

I appreciate her sacrifice more than you know.
That line? “The sins of the father…”?
Its real.
We project and push our own fears and beliefs onto our poor children before they have even learnt to brush their own teeth.

I’m not here to berate you for having baggage. We are all human. We all have our own stuff.
But do you really think THEY deserve more?
Let them make their own mistakes. Let them find their own unique style (and yes, ultimately, baggage).
Its inevitable.
But giving them our OWN “nonsense” doesn’t have to inevitable.

The mother that hates her body in the mirror at bedtime?
Stop it. Seriously? Just STOP it.
And if you cant stop it. Stop doing it in front of your innocent beautiful sponge of a daughter (or son.)
They are so busy focusing on all that you say and do.
They are watching you buy things and things and things.
They are watching you tear yourself down.
They are watching your fear and anxiety and learning that its an appropriate behaviour.
And honestly? If you cant change your beliefs just yet… for their sakes…

The way I see it.
We are all here learn the lessons we chose to learn.
Call it our life destiny.
Why would you add YOURS to theirs?

We need to allow our children to walk as lightly as they can on this earth.🌍💙
I will NEVER allow my anorexia and bulimia from my past be my daughter’s (or son’s) future.
These are words we use in our house.
Not fat. Not thin. Not ugly. Not lacking.

Trust me, I know, its not easy facing your stuff.
Its not easy owning that you messed up… or that you have stuff you still have to deal with.
Just become more conscious of your footprint in your house. Your voice. Your beliefs.

Let our gift to our kids be the chance to walk their own path free.
Free of judgement, of comparisons, of worry.
I promise you. You CAN break patterns.
Look at your world and take stock of your life and your habits.
Break what doesn’t deserve to visit another generation.
Please. 🙇🙏

Namaste xxxedit-dam

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