The Beauty of Self Practice

The Beauty of Self Practice

My advice today to someone thinking about yoga?

Do your own practice.
I know it sounds boring, and impossibly hard …and almost every single person I have spoken to about self-practice has told me that they “lack the self discipline”
But you know what?
We all do.
Until we do it.


Yoga is about creating and building the self discipline.
Ironic much?
So you avoid it, and carry on with led classes… you are actually missing the point. You are missing the yoga.
Don’t get me wrong.
Taught yoga classes are extremely and vitally important.
We need them to learn and be guided safely and be challenged.

But you need to do your own work.
One of your best contributions to others is to raise your own level of well-being and functioning.
So do it. With open arms and with an open heart.
Even on the days when you only want to roll about on your mat and perchance hit foetal position and suck your thumb. (I wont lie, we have all been in that class!)
You don’t have to be perfect to be the best you.

You just have to be there.
So just do it.
Make this offering to yourself. To your family. To the entire planet.
Be there.

Namaste xx

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